“Quality is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten”

Detailing provided by AAE is not the typical $150 to $400 job as is provided by the thousands of detail businesses in this country.

AAE detailing is a systematic cleaning of exterior, interior, trunk, engine compartment and undercarriage coupled with polishing of paint and chrome to make the vehicle look its best without major dismantling or restoration. No harsh chemicals are used.

This kind of detailing is intended for car shows or the perfectionist owner who demands that his or her special cars be exquisite and pristine. For those cars intended for car shows, special attention is paid to the applicable judging requirements. As a judge, I often see cars lose significant points because easy-to-correct details were overlooked — such flaws are corrected as part of an AAE detailing.

Under special arrangements, AAE will assist an owner with car management and detailing at a car show.

All detailing work is performed using the same business methods described elsewhere on this site.